Pulse Diagnosis Course

Pulse Diagnosis for Complementary Medicine Practitioners

This Advanced pulse diagnosis course is the first level of the comprehensive training in Traditional Pulse Diagnosis for the Complementary Medicine practitioner. It starts from the basics and progresses on to advanced concepts and includes both theoretical and practical components. This is module 1 of the course and only contains the theoretical components. The practical sessions which must be booked seperately are necessary for completion of the course and can be booked by clicking the link below

Pulse Practical Workshops

Your Instructor

Dr Feroz Osman-Latib
Dr Feroz Osman-Latib

Dr Latib is one of the world's leading practitioners, authors and lecturers in the field of Complementary Medicine & Hijama. He is also a renowned Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Although primarily involved with research and training in the field of Complementary Medicine he also consults a limited number of patients at his practice in Adelaide, Australia.

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